Lefebvre: The Athanasius of our time?

Michael Sestak: “On our recent return from a family vacation in Gatlinburg, I began listening in the car to Michael Matt’s latest video, “The Church of Accompaniment: Luther vs. Lefebvre.” I was moved by his words and immediately told my wife that I wanted to make a condensed version of it in order to help the message reach a wider audience.

As I was uploading the finished video after midnight, my wife called my attention to the calendar hanging in the kitchen. “It’s May 2nd. Look at the feast day,” she said.

I could not believe it. “It’s the feast of St. Athanasius!” Coincidence? Maybe. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the video. And please share with your friends and family!”

God bless you all,

Michael Sestak


Excerpt from Michael Matt’s, “A Bishop at the Top of the World”:

“Francis has vindicated Archbishop Lefebvre. When I see clueless neo-Catholics calumniating the legacy of the Archbishop, I see demons in disguise, raging against one of the few who didn’t go along with the madness but instead followed the ‘lumen Christi’ out of conciliar darkness, guided faithfully by the light of holy Tradition.

“A hundred years from now, assuming the world is still here, Catholics will be telling their children the story of St. Marcel, the hero bishop who, like Fisher before him, stood strong against the apostasy of his day and won the heavenly crown.

“Nothing is clear, everything is in turmoil, and the fate of the Church and the whole world now seems to rest in the hands of a mere handful of faithful bishops in whose number I certainly count Bishop Bernard Fellay. May God be with him and may the Seat of Wisdom watch over this faithful son of our holy Church.”


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