Stop Genocide

To get liberated, and renounce their heritage, the new elite and Royals of Europe can help “The People of Europe” to rebuild a paradise “with the People for the People”. Get back the sovereignty into all Illegally occupied Europeancountries and respect their unique cultures and western Christian religion. 

Respect all human individual races, there origin, religion and unique cultures in there own homeland. Stop genocide by mass poisoning and mixing human races. 

For “Diversity” is God’s creation, “Diversity” is what makes God’s children so special and unique,“Diversity” must be maintained according to God’s will, equal but different and unique in its own kind. Diversity” should not be a codename for “white genocide” created by the elite 1% to “divide & conquer”. This is Europa – What we love but anti-whites hate.

Stop White Genocide: The Mass Rape and Murder of the European People, stop rebuilding the Tower of Babel modelled after Peter the Elder’s painting and the EU Parliament in Strasbourg which is represented by the inverted pentagrams signalling Baphomet, the Antichrist and the mystery of Babylon. Instead, respect God’s will and spread human rights worldwide! 

The story of the city of Babel is recorded in Genesis 11:1–9. Everyone on earth spoke the same language. As people migrated from the east, they settled in the land of Shinar. People there sought to make bricks and build a city and a tower with its top in the sky, to make a name for themselves, so that they not be scattered over the world. God came down to look at the city and tower, and remarked that as one people with one language, nothing that they sought would be out of their reach. God went down and confounded their speech, so that they could not understand each other, and scattered them over the face of the earth, and they stopped building the city. Thus the city was calledBabel.

“We The People 99%” of this earth disagree and need to grant consent to the Archons and their collaborative elite “1%”  before they can, and may further de-populate and enslave Humanity. Lets come together to change the world by reason and restore Europe and the entire suffering World according to the Constitution and will of King Leopold III of Belgium, as the Constitution demands. For We The People as children of God demand to be freed by the will of God!!!



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