The Koran retains Christian teachings? Jesus and Mary receive profound veneration in it? Oh Francis!!

For now…Yes, for now the Muslims spread throughout the world are like meek lambs, undoubtedly laughing up their sleeves at the westerners in their search for peace and union with them. We aren’t saying this with our head in the clouds; rather, our feet are firmly planted on the ground after having examined certain exhortations of the Koran. We all know that this is the sacred book of Islam, the literal and eternal word of Allah and his prophet Mohamed, to whom every Muslim owes absolute fidelity.

The migratory explosion that we assisted principally in 2015 reminds us of the story of the Trojan War. After ten long years of siege on the city of Troy, the Greeks were unable to conquer it. Using the symbolic figure of a horse — which was one of the symbols of Athena, the goddess of war, and by legend also a sacred figure…

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