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This world needs an Ethos: this global society does not need a single religion nor a single ideology, but rather, norms, values, ideals and uniform, unitive goals’ (Hans Küng).

This is the dogma that the enemy of papal infallibility, Hans Küng – the Swiss pseudo-theologian and ‘pope’ of the movement Welt Ethos – proclaims as a foundation for his ‘religion’. In effect, Hans Küng was the initiator of a project which includes among its five ‘commandments’ the following norm: ‘A global Ethos will not exist without a change of conscience among religions and non-religions’ (Interreligiöses Lernen: die Rolle der Frau im Islam, pg. 21).

Readers with a strong stomach may wish to visit Pope Küng’s site

In order to be pope of his new religion, Hans Küng accumulated a weighty curriculum of heresies and betrayals of his priestly vows, of…

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