Catholic Faith and Lutheran belief – only a question of interpretation?

After the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross, a soldier pierced his side with a lance, and blood and water flowed forth – a symbol of the sacraments that he would institute for the edification of his Church, the only true Church.

What difference is there between the Catholic Church and other sects and religions? Is it correct to affirm that those who profess another religion receive the virtue of faith? Do we really participate in the same faith because we receive the same baptism? May a person who is not part of the true Church receive the Eucharist?

Faced with the ‘new doctrines’ that emanate from the Magisterium and gravely affront our faith and the sacraments, we lift up our gaze to the Virgin of Heaven, praying the beautiful antiphon: ‘Gaude, Maria Virgo, cunctas haereses sola interemisti in universo mundo – Rejoice, Virgin Mary, because…

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