A boat without Peter, or Peter without a boat?

From our correspondent in Rome

There exists a certain philosophical simulacrum, whose most profound meaning is expressed in the maxim ‘a truth’s worth is always in keeping with the number of its followers’. Such an idea dominates the capacity of forming judgments of a great number of our contemporaries, who think it unnecessary to distinguish between believing and voicing an opinion.

We could call this philosophical “hooliganism”. In the conception of its proponents, manipulation of the masses with the information propagated (and interpreted) by written and audio-visual communication is the only reliable font worthy of prestige for a truth in the globalized world we live in. Only the applause of the crowds points towards the authentic paths of history.

The problem is that recently all the media racket is accompanied by a certain subtle background rumor…the kind that frightens analysts and political advisors when they perceive that the curve of…

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