Poor Judas…

That’s right. Judas experienced the worst evil that anyone could suffer. He was not warmly welcomed!

No one embraced him after he betrayed the Savior. No one had pity on him. He was treated harshly and…without knowing what to do, he sought the gibbet.

This is the great evil of our times: the lack of welcome offered to sinners. And Francis has made this clear regarding the supreme sinner. The “poor man”, Judas, hung himself because he was not welcomed, for he was truly repentant, according to Francis.

Once more Francis condemns those who, according to his peculiar concept, clutch only at the truth of the Law, taking it by ‘the letter”. These would be the High Priests, guilty of the death of Judas due to their laws: they did not care about Judas’ repentance. Poor Judas!

Once more, Francis surprises us with a…

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