Devotion to the Sacred Heart; Love ordered through Wisdom

The Head as ‘Seat of Wisdom’ and shrine of the soul

Teresa’s whole life came to be infused with a love for the Sacred Head of Christ. It would seem that the many extraordinary graces she received were given so as to prepare her to reveal, explain and further this devotion. On April 27th 1880 she wrote: “It is the Will of our dear Blessed Lord that His Sacred Head be adored as the Seat of Divine Wisdom: not the Sacred Head alone, (I mean as we worship His sacred Hands and Feet) no, but the Head as the shrine of the powers of the Soul and the faculties of the Mind and in these the Wisdom which guided every affection of the Sacred Heart and motions of the whole Being of Jesus our Lord and God. It is not His divine Will that the attributes or abstracts of the soul or mind, or that divine Wisdom which guided governed and directed all in Him, (the God Man) should have a distinct worship, but that they should all be specially honoured and His Sacred Head adored as their Temple. And our dear Blessed Lord has shown me too how the head is also the centre of all the senses of the body, and that this devotion is the completion, not only of the devotion to the Sacred Heart, but the crowning and perfection of all devotions.”  >>>  Devotion to the Sacred Heart; Love ordered through Wisdom



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