A re-reading of the Gospels: was it only mercy that moved Christ?

It is very pleasing, and above all, we feel love and admiration when, on going through the pages of the Gospel, we observe how Jesus ‘went about doing good’ (Acts 10: 38) – He cured all, pardoned sins, multiplied loaves, resurrected the dead, blessed children, etc. But, there is a truth that is often forgotten in our days, and even ends up being despised by those who would prefer to tear away the memory of it from their consciences: in the inseparable unity of merciful Jesus, there also exists justice, severity and integrity that does not tolerate the abominations or the errors of those who obstinately persist in sin. Both are the same Jesus…in both ways, Jesus is good, rather He is Goodness itself!

The pages of the Gospel clearly demonstrate this complex reality, flowing from the same Divine Heart so full of sweetness and mercy.

Faced with today’s widespread…

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Priesters in Georgia voortaan wettelijk verplicht om homokoppels te trouwen

Onmogelijk Nieuws

In de Amerikaanse staat Georgia zijn priesters voortaan ‘wettelijk verplicht‘ om homokoppels – die voor de Kerk willen trouwen – in de echt te verbinden. Het besluit kwam er nadat de gouv…

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