Are you a Robosapiens ???


Are you a Robosapiens ???

Hello, Wellkom !

Those who know something about frequencies and nano-micro-wave-implant techniquesalready surely know what one has for possibilities to control. Through this, every computer is connected to the new “internet-elen”, so in principle all, absolutely all are in danger zone for attack.

mind control europe

BANK, POLICE, HOSPITALS anyone company, there is neither firewall.
Whatever server our “INTERNETHOUSE” has, lies in darkness.
If one then uses the modified ELF ( Extreme Low Frequency – A Artificial Brain Frequency-Implant) it is easy to get 3D pictures of every on, and listen to every conversation. Still more unpleasant is that one can easily send any frequency at all trough internet-elen, also those that influence people’s brain frequencies “implant”.
( One Remote Control for all People?)We are into the largest experiment concerning control of human behavior brainwaves that the world has ever known,. Sweden and Finland have always been field experiment…

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