What is Causing Morgellons? AI NanoBio Hybrids Sprayed on Humanity

Lissa's Humane Life

What is Causing Morgellons?

The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection

Kandy Griffin Vandawalker (a nurse) delivers an eye opening deep dive into
the world of Nano technology and how it is being used to interface with the
human organism to manipulate, control and attempt to transform our
natural/organic nature.

Discussing the belief that it’s a multitude of things combined:

  • Vaccines—use of insect genes
  • GMO FOODS – spliced with things like e.coli (found in our gut,and  stools)
  • Illegal Aerosol Operations (Chemtrails)
  • Release of Nano/Bio Hybrid Materials into the Environment globally (living polymers carrying a payplod of these nano material) which are entering out bodies
  • Release of Biosensors (bio-mechanoids) into the environment globally (Smart dust/Neural dust).

Berkley Univ. and DARPA are behind this.

Sprayed down on us from Chemtrails: Programmable Matter

Nano is self-replication, tiny hexagons, nanobots are robotics and smart dust (neuro dust) that are sensors/robots, all operated on a wireless computer network (think cellphones, towers…

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