Jeb Bush Involvement In 9/11 Crimes Coverup

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

George and Jeb Bush 911 Coverup

9/10/2015 By Joel Skousen  (Strategic Location Blog)

“The FBI took all our files, everything. They loaded the files right outside this window‘into two Ryder trucks, then drove them onto a C-130 military cargo plane at the Sarasota airport, which took off for Washington with Jeb Bush aboard” –Lt. Mike Treanor, Venice Police Department

The CIA faked airplane training in Venice, FL for the named hijackers to cover for the real hijackers who were hired by the CIA and trained on real airliners in the Middle East. Daniel Hopsicker has researched the CIA connection to the Venice flight school. He documents inthis article how the government came in and removed all the police records about the flight school and its owner and flew them out of Florida on a military C-130. Gov. Jeb Bush was personally on that flight and knew about this hiding of the compromising files

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