Bio-Mechanoids (Smart-Dust & Neuro-Dust) Black Programmed Goo

Je hebt ogen om te zien, oren om te horen, verstand om te begrijpen… Kijk verder dan je neus lang is…

Lissa's Humane Life

Scientist Harald talks of Black goo (archons, demons, etc) that entered into him, crawling around for 3 weeks almost killing him. He went on to to manufacture pellets to counter-back with a form of homeopathic, made in Australia.

My pet just passed away from the Candida as his organs swelled horridly, than his organs broke down.His eyes turned solid black. There was nothing I could do. Even I’m acting different. Days later, a victim came for visit, putting me on a spot & I barely knew her. I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t ‘there.’ No one was home… it was super creepy. My instincts were not good. I tried to communicate, to no avail. She was super-thin. I let her stay at my dismay. As soon as she went to bed, I was startled by a dark black image shaped like her. It tried entering my body with a metal…

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