Transhumanism: We Will Become Gods The Antichrist, Transhumanism & Nanotechnology

Lissa's Humane Life

Ref: The Antichrist, Transhumanism & Nanotechnology – Doug Riggs

NWO Transhumanism

Russ Dizdar – The Rise of the Antichrist

How Satan Infiltrates The Church full

TransHumanism P1 Mark of the

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The New Age – (The Enemy Of Christ

The Black Awakening – End Times [ The Arrival

Stephen Quayle – Angel Wars (Secret Forces

This Nazi propaganda poster is encouraging public support for its Eugenics program. The poster says that the mentally-challenged man in the picture is costing German citizens too much money, and should be put to death for his own good – and to keep costs down.

One of the key concepts of old school Transhumanism was the elitist pseudoscience of Eugenics, or “racial hygiene“, which is a concept…

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