Is This Proof Of A Massive Depopulation Plan?

Enlarge this map HERE.

Rumors of an international government depopulation plan has plagued the fringe thinkers for years.  But what happens when the “crazy conspiracy theories” on depopulation are quietly being put out in the open by government contractor websites, replete with maps?  Some who before did not believe in depopulation now are taking a second look at the information coming forward.

According to a writer who goes by “Dr. Meno” on BIN says: [The] USA will go from 319 million down to 65 million in the next 10 years, which is a 87% drop in the population, [according to some recent discoveries].  [In the video below], I compare the depopulation of the NATO countries with the [depopulation plan for the] BRICS countries. The [NATO countries] will experience a 30-66% population elimination, [While it appears that BRICS] populations drop very little [comparatively].

Deagel is a Private Military contractor that collects information from all of the military services and including [the] Stratford Company, a Geopolitical Forecasting contractor.  Accessing the site has been limited to certain geographical areas. [The site is now] banned in the USA (*author’s note: at the time of publishing, the site seems to be back online, though with less information than previously).  The country with the largest depopulation data [is America]. NOW remember these are projections for the next 10 years. [This] map shows the data in the DEAGEL site.



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