Dialogue With The Devil Doesn’t Work…

Also in this video: A puppet of Pope Francis burned by pro-abortion feminists

Catholic Truth

Watching the demented pro-abortion feminists in the Voris video behaving in the most degrading way really brings home the diabolical nature of feminism and abortion. The worst of the depravity is omitted in the Voris video, but I’d previously seen a fuller version on the Protect the Pope blog – so, if you view that version, be warned it’s full of horrendously depraved and obscene behaviour.

Michael Voris makes some excellent points about the need for the clergy and hierarchy to wake up to the futility of trying to “dialogue” with people who hate the Church and always will hate the Church. Our Lord, of course, warned us that, as the world hated Him, so it would hate His followers.

Since this diabolical protest by feminists took place in front of a Catholic cathedral in Argentina, it may throw light on why Pope Francis made his shocking remark about not…

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