World Order & Occultism (Japan)

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The Menawa Report

If you haven’t already heard of the popular, former professional fighter, Genki Sudo (“We Are All One”), or his music group, World Order, then you’re in for a surprise.  Sudo’s World Order music videos are imaginative, upbeat and humorous!  The physical movements are rather unique to the West, although they follow the huge popularity of synchronized walk and dance events in Japan and a number of other countries.  World Order’s techno music and robotic movements — as well as photography that capitalizes on “normal, everyday” bystanders — is a fun, refreshing experience!

You might note that at least some of the World Order videos incorporate a great deal of occult (hidden) symbology.  Some of the references are easily recognizable, while others are definitely more obscure (unless you’ve studied symbolism, which is recommended).  The symbolism tends to be creative and clever, such as in “Change Your Life.”  In that video,

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