Boeing crash in Ukraine symbolizes ‘end of the Western world’

The investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donetsk region is over. The remaining wreckage at the crash site is of no interest to the Dutch investigation, according to media reports, citing Sarah Vernooij, a spokeswoman for the Dutch Safety Board (DSB).

Quote: “They had a list of airplane parts that they wanted to collect, and they gathered them, she said. The remaining wreckage will not be moved to the Netherlands and will remain in Ukraine, she said, adding she did not know what will happen with it.”

The West and Europe that for many people symbolized the much-coveted world of rights and democratic freedoms are gone. This world has broken into thousands of pieces. It is crumbling before our eyes. We thought that nothing is higher and more important than the value of a human life. This was described to us as the ultimate achievement of Western civilization, and we were repeatedly told that a human life in Russia is not worth a damn. But now there is the Boeing crash. People have been killed. People from various countries. Malaysia was not allowed to participate in the investigation of its plane because it could be an ally of Russia, which, the entire civilized world is sure, is to blame for the crash and the death of the innocent people. The civilized world does not care about details, even if these details concern the death of the very people who are the supreme value.

Quote: “It turned out that the Netherlands does not give a damn about its own citizens, who were killed in the crash. Their death can be easily laid at the altar of political interests.”

The West is not interested in the remaining wreckage. It does not need US satellite pictures. It already has everything to drag out the process. All means to an end are good, but only if these ends are established by the West. Not by Russia. Nor by Malaysia, which has nothing to do with the political crisis in Ukraine and in Europe, so it proves to be dangerous: After all, it has no reason to conceal the results of the investigation. So Malaysia, the main victim, is not included into the international investigating team, in violation of all international norms.

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