Tragedy ‘Russia presidential plane IL-96’ / ‘Malaysian Airlines Plane MH17’

Tragedy ‘Russia presidential plane IL-96’ / ‘Malaysian Airlines Plane MH17’ Lastly, the official organ of Russia, RT News has reported that IL-96 aircraft belonging to them have gone through the same route traveled by MH17 at 16:21 Moscow time, while the MH17 has been going through the same air at 15:44 Moscow time, ie about half an hour earlier than IL-96.

According to Russian sources, attacks on aircraft MH17 actually want targeted IL-96 aircraft flying from Brazil to Russia. IL-96 is a special plane carrying the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, which Putin was then on his way home from Brazil to Russia after attending a convention BRISC.

One source added, boarded the plane and MH17 Putin have a similar structure and use the same colors. This may have been a confusion to the attacker.

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