Maria Valtorta: eindtijd en de priesters

The End Times – Message concerning Priests – Maria Valtorta.

Maria Valtorta’s visions are the only Private Revelations to attain a Papal Order to Publish. Her writings were presented to Pope Pius XII on April 3rd of 1947, who examined them for eleven months. His Holiness then summoned her Spiritual Director to a special meeting in February of 1948, in which He ordered the publishing before three Priests: Fr. Romualdo M. Migliorini (Prefect Apostle in Africa), Fr. Corrado Berti (Professor of Dogmatic and Sacramental Theology at the Pontifical “Marianum” Theological Faculty of Rome from 1939 onward, later becoming Secretary of the Faculty from 1950 to 1959, as well as consultant to the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council), and Fr. Andrew M. Cecchin (Prior of the International College of the Servites of Mary in Rome). These aforementioned Priests documented this event immediately afterwards with signed testimony. The fact that the Pope did grant this audience was historically documented the next day, February 27, 1948 in L’Osservatore Romano Citta Del Vaticano, no. 48, p.1.

“In 1987, Vatican Cardinal Edouard Gagnon was persuaded to locate and evaluate the original minutes from the February 26, 1948 Papal meeting transcribed by the Vatican Recording Cardinal who accompanied Pope Pius XII”. Originally incredulous, a few weeks later he courageously wrote from the Vatican that Pope Pius XII’s action was: “The kind of official Imprimatur granted before witnesses by the Holy Father in 1948. An “Official Imprimatur” of the Supreme Authority of the Church”. Cardinal Gagnon was the Peritus during the second Vatican Council , (expert Theologian Advisor and Consultant). He had a Doctorate in Theology and taught Canon law for ten years at the Grand Seminary . He also served as President of the Vatican Council . The Code of Canon Law – Book II, Part II, Section I, Chapter I, Article I – gives the Pope full and supreme power over all levels of the Church and free use to exercise this power. The Papal order came first. Canon law prohibits this Papal order from being reversed by subordinate levels of Church authority. Canon law clearly requires that this Papal order be embraced with unconditional acceptance and submission. Renowned Mariologist Father Gabriel Roschini, OSM was an outstanding advocate of Maria Valtorta’s writings. Pope John Paul II often referred to Father Gabriel M. Roschini as one of the greatest Marioligists who ever lived. He was a decorated professor at the “Marianum” Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Rome, and an advisor to the Holy Office. He wrote over 130 Books on the Blessed Mother, all of which are in the Vatican Library. In his last book (which Father Gabriel said was his greatest, “The Virgin Mary In The Writings of Maria Valtorta “), the first two pages contain a letter of endorsement by Pope Paul VI. Page one displays a photocopy of the original letter in Italian complete with Vatican insignia, and page two contains the English translation. When Pope Paul VI was Archbishop of Milan, after evaluating “The Poem of the Man-God” by Maria Valtorta, He ordered her entire works to be sent to the Milan Seminary library. Blessed Gabriel Allegra, OFM was the only Scripture scholar beatified by Pope John Paul II, which took place on April 23, 2002. A St Jerome of our time, he was the first to translate the entire Bible into Chinese. He was also a prominent advocate and defender of Maria Valtorta’s writings, particularly the “Poem of the Man-God”. Being that the Holy Pontiff was well aware of Father Gabriel Allegra’s resolute dedication to publishing articles advocating the Poem, many argue that this beatification was an indirect Papal endorsement of Maria Valtorta’s writings by Pope John Paul II.

Father Padre Pio was also an advocate of Maria Valtorta’s writings. One year before Padre Pio ’s death, a woman named Mrs. Elisa Lucchi asked him if he advised reading “The Poem of the Man-God” by Maria Valtorta. He replied, “I don’t just advise you, I insist that you read it! “


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